What to take on long flights and my Italy trip


Anyone planing a trip to Europe this summer? I was in Italy this summer and thought I could share a few travel tips and things I did on my trip. It was not my first time in Europe so I new a few more things then the last time. Something that helped me relax on the plane was bringing a lavender essential oil. You could bring that or a lavender lotion or spray. Lots of things work. Also on the plane I brought a soft eye mask. depending on what airline you decide to take they might provide you with a eye mask but they are NOT conferrable! Also they help because they don’t turn off the lights till late and I know I like to go to bed relatively early on the plane. Another tip if you don’t know so already is to bring a sweater/sweatshirt to the airport. It gets cold on the plane and in the airport and it can also be used as a blanket on redeye flights. Now talking about my trip to Italy. I loved everywhere I went like Sorrento Ravello, Rome, and more. It has so much history and beauty. A great way to learn about Rome and its culture is to get a tour guide. They helped a lot!! The food there is AMAZING and there is always something to do wether you are exploring the streets or getting gelato. One of my favorite things was the colosseum and I also loved swimming in the Amalfi coast. IMG_9702 2.JPG

Dress: Zara       Bag: Forever21      Sunglasses: Warby Parker


Dress: Zara         Sunglasses: Warby Parker



Dress: Jcrew       Bag: Bon point        Hat: Forever21     Sunglasses: Warby Parker


Top and shorts: Victoria Beckham/Target          Sunglasses: Warby Parker


Swimsuit: Jcrew

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