How I edit my photos


Recently I have received many direct messages, about how I edit my photos. Most of my photos are taken with my iPhone, while others are taken with my camera.  My favorite editing app at the moment is SNAPSEED. Most apps just allow you to brighten the whole image, but using the brush (located in tools) snapped lets you brighten certain things. Such as your face. This is what I did in the pic below. Snapseed also allows you to saturate or un-saturate things. I use the white balance (also in tools) to change the temperature to warmer or cooler tones. And last I use tune image (in tools) to make the entire photo brighter and ambiance, which makes the subject stand out.  My second favorite app is FACETUNE. I use the detail tool to make the clothes I am wearing or my hair stand out in the photo. I also use Facetune to whiten the backgrounds of my photos in my mirror shots. I do this because, all though my walls are white, the light in the room can cause the walls to look yellow.  I use the app UNUM, to plan out my insta feed and see my top liked posts! Also COLORSTORY, is a super fun app to add suns or beautiful light leaks into your pictures. This is a great app for travel shots, as well as DISTRESSEDFX, which allows you to add birds and sunsets into your shots! VSCO, is a good app for filters. I like to stick to one and turn it down to about 4.  And lastly AFTERLIGHT, I use Afterlight to brighten contrast and highlight my photos. They also have awesome borders you can add to your photos and light leaks as well. Those are the apps I use to edit. I don’t use every single one for every picture but they are all used. My pictures are taken by my Mom and sometimes friends or my brother if I am around them when I want a shot! I hope this helps your editing game!! XO


BEFOREIMG_0640.jpg      AFTERIMG_0641.JPGBEFOREIMG_0377.jpgAFTERB506E85B-A7C2-4356-B8F5-12DBF1534D83.JPGBEFOREIMG_0326.jpgAFTERD06F353A-DBFB-4D85-BEE2-5DB504D7B2A7.jpg




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