A day in NYC


Hi guys, this break I went to New York City, with my mom and my friend Caroline. It was a very gloomy day and it even rained. Even in the bad weather, I love this city so so much, I was actually born here! New York City really inspires me, not to mention it is a great place to take pictures! Keep reading to see what we did and shop my look!

For lunch went we went to Lazzaras pizza It is a hidden gem in the city and has amazing Italian food! I got pesto and pizza of course! (Should I make a NYC food diary?)84261DD7-90CE-4704-A61C-66FCBCE7E66B.JPG

Next we went to my moms office! My parents are both designers, my dad designs for Warby Parker and my moms companies are cooper&ella and Finn & Grace. There offices are both super fun! IMG_5042.jpg285C2518-5637-41EC-B01F-4D228ACFAD14.jpgIMG_4922.jpgF45BE45C-84A6-4FD3-BA5A-BE90AF27F0CB.jpg

I also got to try bubble tea. I chose mango green tea and added chia seeds! I really liked it!IMG_4330.jpg

Last we walked around and went shopping!

SHOP MY LOOK: Denim jacket (similar): Zara denim jacket    Distressed denim (Zara) Dresses: Red Zara  Black with embroidery     Tweed dress Blue floral dress    Striped dress  Shoes: Target    EarringsTini Lux

Facetune_22-02-2018-14-54-54.jpg IMG_5071.jpgFacetune_22-02-2018-16-35-30.jpgIMG_4897.jpgC314681C-9A32-4103-AC84-6DBAFF625F6A.jpg


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