The lip products you need this summer: @lipsmackerbrand


Hey guys!

I recently collaborated with Lip Smacker and I am super excited to share their amazing products on my blog! Lip Smacker has Lip Balms, Glosses and more with super cute packaging, designs and unique scents. The best part is they smell so good. When I was in Hawaii a few weeks ago I brought my Lip Smackers everywhere from beaches to restaurants. My favorite scent in the Tropical pack is BREEZY-TEA-ZY and GRAPEFRUIT DELIGHT but all of them are awesome and perfect for summer or vacay! Swipe down to see some pictures   and stay tuned for a exciting giveaway:)

Tropical pack- Tropical Fever Lip Balm pack

Tsum Tsum- Minnie Strawberry LollipopDSC05564-2Facetune_04-08-2018-16-47-18Facetune_04-08-2018-16-48-57DSC05711-2Facetune_04-08-2018-16-49-38Facetune_04-08-2018-16-48-09

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