Molo fall collection “hygge”

Fall Fashion

Hey everyone! I was recently in Rhode island with all my cousins and fam! It was super fun and the perfect place to shoot Molos new fall collection which is all about being cozy. The collection has such perfect pieces for fall! I am obsessed with all the looks they sent over! See blow for pics and to shop my looks:)

Top 5 list of things I do in NY to be “hygge”

  • Watch Netflix with the fam
  • Wear cozy sweaters from Molo;)
  • Drink Green tea my favorite!
  • Hang out with my dog Rosie
  • Bake cookies

LOOK 1:  Dress1D4234F1-1005-40A1-9FE6-6F6DABF946E7.JPG7791226944_IMG_8490.JPG

LOOK 2: Sweatshirt,  Skirt,

  1. 7793287952_IMG_8135.JPG7516517792_IMG_8152.JPGLOOK 3:  Jumpsuit,    TopFacetune_28-08-2018-17-47-09.JPG7583682096_IMG_8447.JPGLOOK 4:  Leggings,  Sweatshirt,  IMG_1193.jpg

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