The ultimate holiday gift guide


It is officially December! That means the holidays are coming!  I LOVE Christmas, the music, gifts, food, spending time with my family, and also the tradition of going to Florida to see my grandparents and cousins. I thought I would make a holiday gift guide for Kids, Tweens, and Teens. I will definitely be adding these things to my holiday wishlist this year!

First up clothes. Clothes are the perfect gift for anyone. Here I linked some amazing sweaters, a hat, coat, jeans, boots, and a beret which is really in style now.FullSizeRender 2.jpg

  1. Black booties
  2. Zara Sweater
  3. Pearl beret
  4. Denim
  5. Red sweater
  6. Rainbow sweatpants
  7. Pastel beanie
  8. Coat
  9. Star sweatpants  

Next are things other than clothes. First a face mask! You can never go wrong with them, they are so fun and really good for your skin. Bath bomb! I love these, they smell so good and the colors they make the water is so pretty! I also found this iPhone case. It comes in almost all the phone sizes and I think the print is amazing! Marble is my favorite.  The one thing I know a lot of people will be asking for this year is the iPhone X. This phone has really cool features, especially for people who like technology. Next thing I found is a simple pair of Nike sneakers. These are the best and they are so comfortable! Last the Capture your style book by, Aimee Song.  I got this book last year and absolutely love it! Its very inspirational and has amazing tips for Instagram. FullSizeRender.jpg

1.Face mask

2.Bath bomb

3.marble case

4.Iphone X

5.Nike sneakers

6.Capture your style book

Fall Blazer and baker boy cap.


Hello guys! I hope your week went well. I am so excited for the weekend! As I was walking home today I got to enjoy the chilly weather, and the beautiful orange leaves. Fall is finally here! That took a while!….  Anyways fall fashion is my favorite! I find the most inspiration in this season. Today I wore the perfect fall blazer from Zara. (click the links below to find similar ones.) I wore my baker boy cap as well. This trend is the biggest of the season. Its my absolute favorite thing to wear, and it comes in so many amazing fall colors. I also wore my faux leather pants. They are so cool and different because of the cuts in the knees! They are from Forever21.  Last I wore a chunky knit black turtle neck. Its so cozy and looks good with almost everything. Mine is from Marc Jacobs. I hope you love this fall look, and get lots of fall style inspiration from it!

XO, Ella

Similar Blazers:   Chic and cool Checked blazer,  Checked blazer with burgundy,  Simple cozy grey blazer.

Baker boy caps: Faux leather,  Never blue cap,  Wool and leather baker boy cap.

Leather Pants (all faux): leather with cuts in the knees(legging style),   Black leather, Black with detailed sides, FullSizeRender.jpg


Pink pleated skirt and beret.


Bonjour! This look makes me feel like a little french girl! Its so chic and feminine. I am obsessed with pleated skirts this season as well! Haven’t you seen them everywhere?!  They are gorgeous and you can wear them so many different ways! I wore my pink pleated skirt from HM with a black turtle neck and a wool beret from Forever21. It was fifteen dollars! Berets came back as a huge trend this fall and I love how people have been styling them! I also wore my knockoff Gucci’s that are actually from target. These slides come in so many cute colors! I was wearing them in black, but I absolutely love the silver as well! The best part is they are only twenty two dollars! I have been living in them this fall!

Similar pleated skirts:  Pink pleated skirt, Pleated mesh skirt, Faux vinyl leather pleated skirt, Pink floral pleated skirt, Red floral pleated skirt. 

Other berets:Faux red leather beret,  Faux wool beret with pearls, Burgundy wool beret.

FullSizeRender.jpgIMG_9979.JPGIMG_9745.JPGIMG_9740.JPGIMG_9791.JPGFullSizeRender 2.jpg

Rainbow sweater


Hi guys! Today I am talking about one of my favorite new fall sweaters! Most of my fall sweaters are white and black, but when I saw this one in Forever21 I knew I had to add it to my collection. Today was the perfect weather to wear this colorful soft piece! I styled it with sunglasses from Warby Parker and booties also from Forever21! I went to lunch with my family and it was super comfortable yet so chic! The rainbow is so cool for the season too! I am obsessed with this sweater! Shop it by clicking the link for under twenty five dollars     My rainbow sweater.


FullSizeRender 4.jpgFullSizeRender 2.jpgFullSizeRender 5.jpgIMG_9727.JPGFullSizeRender.jpgFullSizeRender 3.jpgIMG_9699.JPG

Denim jumpsuit and navy


Hello, happy Monday! So happy I can chill at home today and be off from school! Taking about school, I will be wearing this Jumpsuit there a lot! One of my favorite ways to wear this is with a cozy knit sweater. Mine from Zara.  (Click the link to buy a similar one.) I was walking around town and wore sunglasses from Warby Parker to keep the sun away! Another accessory that will keep you chic, cool and safe from the sun is the baker boy cap. I wore the coolest black boots with velvet laces! To add something fun to the look I put pins on this jumpsuit that say I LOVE YOU. You could do patches as well that can be found at Target, Forever21 and more. I hope you liked this look! click the links to shop similer Black booties.

DSC01923.JPGDSC01938.JPGDSC01929.JPGFullSizeRender 2.jpgFullSizeRender.jpg


Fall sweatshirt dresses


Hi guys happy fall! How is already October!! Time flew by. Fall dresses are my favorite! I wear them so much. They are perfect for school, going for lunch and so much more! I really like how this dress is so comfy yet so stylish. The patches give it a unique look and the perfect touch! For accessories, I just wore my baker boy hat again. I can’t tell you how much use I get out of it! I also wore velvet burgundy sneakers that are my top fall pick, and through on black leggings so I don’t get cold! I also have worn this with tights! My whole look is from Zara. I could not find my exact dress but here are some I would definitely wear this season!  Olive green sweater dress , Grey gingham sleeve sweater dress , Grey with lace ,crushed velvet dress ,Black dress , Grey dress with ruffles FullSizeRender 2.jpgFullSizeRender 3.jpgFullSizeRender 6.jpgIMG_8780.JPGIMG_8706.JPGFullSizeRender.jpgimg_8818.jpg

Fall and winter jackets


Are you searching for a coat perfect for the fall and winter? Conferrable, cute coats that are also affordable are not always easy to come by!  This coat from Zara is super cool and chic! I love the sparkle detail and words on the back! (Plus its fax fur!) Also this coat is super soft and not so heavy that you will be to hot for the fall. In New York this is perfect, because fall here is cold! Its under 65 dollars and is the perfect purchase for every day use! Click the link to shop!    My coat 

Other affordable Fall / winter coats: Army green coat,  Trench coat,  Fun puffer jacket .

FullSizeRender 2.jpgFullSizeRender 3.jpgFullSizeRender 6.jpgFullSizeRender 4.jpgFullSizeRender.jpgFullSizeRender 5.jpgFullSizeRender 8.jpgFullSizeRender 7.jpg

Top 2 fall must haves


I have two top must haves for the fall. One of them being the baker boy hat also known as the fisherman’s hat, newsboy hat what ever you call it this piece is a statement in my closet! I love how you can style it with almost anything and how they come in so many different colors and varieties. The baker boy hat can dress a casual look up or make you look super chic. These hats are on trend and perfect for the season. You can shop mine for under 20 dollars at Zara. My other must have for fall is booties. I have two pairs that are both black. They come in many other cute colors as well! For fall I always find myself wearing these. They are comfortable chic and match with everything! I got mine from Forever21. I could not find the exact pair I was was wearing but I did find many other cute affordable ones on there site. Those are my top two must haves for my fall closet. FullSizeRender.jpgSweater: Zara       Skirt / overalls: Forever21 (girls)IMG_7293.JPGIMG_7327.JPGIMG_7325.JPGIMG_7326.JPG

Fall florals and denim



As we know yesterday was the first day of fall! I am obsessed with the cozy knits and sweaters that this season brings but with the weather still transitioning I needed something lighter. I went with a breathable top from Zara. I love the olive green tones mixed in that make it perfect for the season. Another piece purchased  from Zara is my fox bag. The blush tone is so cute and the bag can fit everything I need. I tucked my top into skinny jeans from h&m. But you can find skinny jeans in many other stores. I got my olive green sneakers from Target. They were under 40 dollers and super affordable. I know I will be living in them this fall, as well as my sunglasses from Warby Parker! DSC01575.JPGDSC01585.JPGDSC01589.JPGDSC01586.JPGDSC01573.JPGDSC01593.JPG

Checkered jumper and black turtle neck


Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. This jumpsuit from Zara is one of my top picks for the season. Its so easy to wear/style. Also I love the checkered print, for sure a staple  in my closet! Here I wore it with a black turtle neck from Crewcuts. But you can wear it with a jacket, white tee or even a belt would make a cool look.  I also love this jumpsuit because you don’t have to worry about looking chic when you really just want to be comfortable! The loose fabric makes it super cozy! But you will still look cool and on trend! Shop the jumpsuit by clicking the link. jumpsuitDSC01439.JPGDSC01441.JPGDSC01398.JPGDSC01360.JPGDSC01420.JPGDSC01429.JPGDSC01501.JPG