Four runway trends you need to try

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Hey guys! With spring right around the corner, I thought it would be nice to share some upcoming trends we have seen on instagram and the NYFW runways!

Trend 1: NEON

I have seen so many neon pieces on fashion influencers and celebs this month! The pop of color can be really cool with some fun sunglasses or shoes. These colors are very bold though! Would you consider wearing neon?                                                                            Shop my favorite neon pieces- Neon yellow mock neck turtleneck sweater,  Neon cropped cami,  Lime cropped puffer,  Neon lime oversized sweatshirt,  IMG_2700.jpg

Trend 2: Chunky sneakers

Chucky sneakers have been everywhere lately. You earthier love them or hate them! Personally I love my chunky sneakers because they can be paired with so many fun outfits. For example if you wear chunky sneakers with a dress, it will instantly make your outfit more edgy and cool.                                                                                                  Shop my favorite chunky sneakers-  Fila Disruptor sneakers, Gucci crystal sneakers, Dolce & Gabbana gold sneakers,  Louis Vuitton chunky sneakersIMG_2709.jpg

Trend 3: Layering 

I love this trend especially because I live in freezing New York! Layering a turtle neck, with a sweater, then leather jacket, then coat always looks so trendy and stylish. The best part is its sure to keep you warm!                                                                                                Shop my favorite layering pieces- Turtleneck log sleeve,  Leather jacket, Camel color puffer jacket, Oversized denim jacket


Trend 4: Miniature bags

Honestly not sure how I feel about this trend. Mini bags look cool but are that useful especially if you carry a lot around! For me these bags are great because all I carry is my phone, a charger, and some chapstick lol! Overall they are not very useful, but they are a chic and trendy piece to have in your closet.                                                                                    Shop my fav mini bags- Red Gucci, Blue Prada, Marc Jacobs,